Monday, January 31

Mr. R. Doisneau

"There are days when the technique of an aimless stroll - without timetable or destination - works like a charm, flushing out pictures from the non-stop urban spectacle." R.Doisneau 

Robert Doisneau PARIS, Flammarion

Sunday, January 30

A Golden Age...

"The Golden Age of Couture: 
Paris and London 1947-57" 
V&A, Claire Wilcox

Saturday, January 29


A old friend gave me this beautiful book a few years ago and I always end up flicking through its elegant photographs for inspiration.

"Dior in Vogue" by Brigid Keenan

Friday, January 28

Tuesday, January 25

A "Salute to René Gruau..."

Everything I love about fashion summed up in the Dior Couture Spring 2011 show. Absolutely perfect!

"Galliano's salute to René Gruau, the illustrator whose work for Christian Dior in the forties and fifties created the house's most iconic imagery, felt like it had been a long time coming, not just because of the designer's own early aspirations, but because it gave him another opportunity to indulge his passion for an era when couture was truly haute." [Tim Blanks,]

Monday, January 24


Can not remember exactly where I found these photographs, but found them in my inspiration box when looking for some ideas over the weekend.